BALCONI Srl - Factory Laboratory Technology


In order to quickly satisfy all customers requests, we have built internal plants to produce and treat sleevings.

We have braiders with wide range of carriers so that changing different yarns we can braid a great variety of untreated sleeving sizes.

In order to treat and impregnate the sleevings, we produce several kinds of resins and varnishes with good electrical properties.

For coated sleevings, with high electrical performance, we produce compounds of silicone rubbers.

The material testing laboratory, internal to the company, uses only certified equipment. It is necessary to test if the products are in accordance with the specifications of the relative standards.

The laboratory allows:

  • A continuous quality and process control on production.
  • A continuous research and development on new materials.

We can satisfy every special needs of our customers also for small quantities.

We have IMQ certification (italian institute of quality certification) on our insulating sleeving (glass braiding coated with silicone rubber) T.V.E. 19.70.:
- n. CA1.00179 T.V.E. 19.70 kV. 4.0
- n. CA1.00178 T.V.E. 19.70 kV. 2,5
- n. CA1.00177 T.V.E. 19.70 kV. 1,5
and we are in the insulation system DOLPH UL n. E204123.

La Certificazione IMQ rappresenta la garanzia visibile per le Autorità, le Dogane e gli acquirenti, che il prodotto è stato sottoposto – da un organismo a ciò abilitato – a tutte le prove necessarie per verificarne la conformità ai requisiti di sicurezza previsti dalla normativa vigente, e che tutta la produzione è sottoposta a costante sorveglianza.